I go to no one else but Kate for my brows. Need I say more? ūüôā

Leah Bee

I’ve been seeing Kate (owner) for a little over a year now. Each time I am there, she is kind, inviting and warm. Kate is the only gal in Victoria I trust touching my brows. She definitely knows what she is doing when it comes to colour and shape for all faces and personal styles. Kate is one of the few people I know in this business who totally understands that waxing involves ripping hair out of your skin – and she does it with professionalism and care. I highly recommend Kate for brow shaping and care.

Kelly Young

Kate is an amazing brow artist. She knows exactly how to shape my brows, to open my eyes and complement my face. I love that Kate takes her time, explains the process, and makes sure I am comfortable throughout. Like I said, Kate is an amazing brow artist, and is the only one who I let wax mine.

Vivian Grace Ostan

Kate Shelton has magic fingers and knows how to expertly wax and shape my brows so my eyes sparkle.

Tami Mcelroy

I have been getting my brows done by Kate for about 4 years. Prior to Kate I went to a few different “drop in” places and I had a terrible red and raw reaction at one place and bleeding at another place. Kate’s gentle touch, non-toxic products and her keen eye on brow design keeps me recommending her to my friends and keeps me and my daughters coming back! Speaking of visits, I need to make an appointment asap!

Sharlene Law

In terms of monthly priorities, brows with Kate come before silly bills, parking tickets and groceries. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Christina Majcher

Brows with Kate…..simply the best!!

Patricia Jones

Getting my brows done is like getting a facelift. It takes a few years off and I feel great about that!!! And when I get both my brows and eyelashes tinted, I can skip the eye makeup. Everyone asks what I had done too but they just can’t figure it out….my little secret.

Yvonne Kemeny

Arches….It is all about the arches and Kate gets it

Trish Tacoma

Painless, and a work of art! Yay, Kate!

Nancy Eidt

Kate – you’re are The Queen of Brows! I adore your dedication to perfection – no small hair is over looked. And you’re the only person in town who can give me a proper arch. Awesomeness.

Deanna Billo

Kate Shelton is the only person on this planet that I am happy to let touch my eyebrows – to wax, tweeze, tint, you name it. She has an expert eye for shape and her technique is precise, accomplished and artistic. I am constantly complimented on my eyebrows by friends and strangers alike – how many people can honestly say that?

Pati Tozer

I am not sure how life would be without K8 Shelton and Tonic Spa-Tique….she is amazing at everything she does not to mention one of the smartest and loving girl I know….they say your eyebrows frame your face…the way K8 works magic on my brows my face is framed perfectly…the color is perfect and I akways feel complete after I leave K8..wouldn’t go anywhere else ever! Deanna

Deanna Young

On Friday I was lucky to have an amazing facial by Kate along with an Eye Opener. I not only love how my skin feels and looks, I love my tidy darker brows. My whole face looks bright and open. Thanks Kate, I am so happy with both treatments-even my hubby thought my brows looked great. I love your touch, attention to detail and eye for the tint color. Each time I get my brows and lashes done I love how fresh and youthful I look-without any makeup!!

Tara Clark

I have very light, sensitive skin and am deeply appreciative of Kate’s gentle touch and personalized finishing oil blends.

Kate’s commitment to sourcing top of the line products that are both safe and responsible for women and the environment is one of the reasons I choose Kate for my brow shaping and lash tinting.

Kate has a deep knowledge of botanicals and aromatherapy, and brings that knowledge into each treatment. Even something as basic as a brow shaping is finely personalized my skin and needs. I leave feeling bright and fresh.

{I could go on!}

Tressa Brotsky

I have had the pleasure of having my eye brows shaped by Kate for 7 years now.   As a professional dancer and performance artist in the public eye, I am very particular who touches my brows as they are a significant feature of the face.  Kate knows how to elegantly shape a sophisticated brow opening the face and enhancing the beauty of the eye.

Kim Tuson
dance artist/personal trainer/acupressurist